And then there were four

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Looks like I was a little closer to the mark than I realised last night as the BBC are ‘plunged’ into acrimony over the lack of vetting around the hustings show last night. I found their explanations a little hard to follow, particularly in the Imam’s case of making comments on Twitter and then somehow hiding them from scrutiny (how – did he make the account private?), before they came public again. It’s all a bit odd, and only reinforces my gut feeling that the show was too staged and rigged to try to embarrass Boris for its own good.

It hasn’t gone so well for Rory Stewart either today, though, ejected from proceedings after going backwards with the progress he’d made yesterday. I’m not sure his performance last night did him too many favours, along with the slightly strange body language and posture that he adopted for much of proceedings. He looked like he was being buffeted in slow motion by a wind machine. Still, the whole venture has probably done him no end of good and certainly planted him firmly on the political landscape.

I was also confused by his flip-flopping over whether he would be willing to serve in a Johnson led cabinet. No doubt the media caused confusion here too, but it did seem a bit strange that the guy posing as the unity candidate was so equivocal about actually working with the others. And even though I didn’t really agree with a lot of what he said, I have to say he’s generally played a blinder. I suspect this is not the last we’ve seen of him by a long way.

And so the whole roadshow trundles on for another day. At least there’ll just be two left tomorrow, if some kind of coronation doesn’t take place instead.


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