Harms and Risks?

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The Open Rights Group sent an interesting email today around the Government’s plan to regulate the platforms and services we use across the web to communicate.

It seems the The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s (DCMS) want to base their regulation of such websites on the somewhat nebulous concept of ‘harms’ and ‘risks’, rather than, as the ORG argue, a rights-based approach that ‘supports basic principles of accountability and transparency while protecting personal data from exploitative algorithms and targeted advertising’.

You can read the proposal from the Government here: Online Harms White Paper, and ORG’s response to the proposal here: A new rights-based approach.

Both are worth a careful read (I’m still ploughing through the fine detail), but I do agree with ORG that there appears to be an irony that the Government’s approach appears to fail to address threats to freedom of expression, and could end up catching up all sorts of user generated content under it’s vague ‘legal, but harmful’ catch-all, without really addressing the core issues.

The DCMS are accepting public feedback until July 1st, so if you have an opinion on this, it’s worth getting your voice heard while you can.

Write to the Government via ORG


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