Meet El Presidente

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The EU council’s overly long-winded debate to choose a Commission president made a bit of a mockery of its own convoluted structures. Tim Stanley wrote an interesting piece in today’s Telegraph about how these structures of the EU are designed to be deliberately confusing and long-winded as to obfuscate the fact that a small cabal of leaders are calling the shots. It’s these structures that I’ve always had an issue with.

In essence the EU is made up of the Council, the Commission and Parliament. The Council decides, the Commission encodes, and Parliament negotiates and approves. Sounds like a sensible structure, until you realise that it’s designed in a way that, for the most part, is completely unnecessary and cannot hope to keep things together as they move forward.

As Tim argues, most Remainers want the same as the Leavers. We all love the vast and wondrous continent of Europe with its multitude of languages and cultures. Most would want free movement and free trade with all of these people. But to wrap that up in some ideological governmental structure, while noble, is flawed and I cannot see how it will be sustainable, as Western Europe languishes in liberalism, while Eastern Europe becomes generally more dictatorial.

Something will have to give sooner or later. I suspect Ursula von der Leyen will have her work cut out in the next five years.


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