Sing a new song

Downing Street London Sw Downing

One of the key things that has irked me with Brexit is the lack of vision with which the Tory party/Number 10 have gone about things. It goes to show how far we’ve come from the days of Mandelson and his comms capers, spinning anything and everything they could to make New Labour sound like the best thing since sliced bread. Whatever happened to Cool Britannia?

It feels like those within Number 10 today are almost embarrassed of being in power. The lack of narrative and story coming out of there is remarkable. Perhaps it’s the lack of imagination of the leadership at the moment, I don’t know. Certainly Blair and his gang could spin a yarn out of nothing (like Iraq!), but the dour and listless messages that come out of number 10 these days are depressing at best.

Brandon Lewis today, telling Conservative MEPs to abandon all hope of success in the European elections, is absurd. The big problem with Brexit is that there are benefits and disadvantages to both leaving and staying. Some might argue more vociferously for one than the other, but they are both there. The lack of will to propound the positives of Brexit by the Conservative leadership just beggars belief.

Some are trying to argue that a change of leadership wouldn’t change anything. I profoundly disagree. If the leadership started singing a positive song, it wouldn’t take long for the country to start singing along.


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