Stand up

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Last year I undertook reading Hayek’s dense (but brilliant) The Constitution of Liberty. I must admit, I’ve only read the first third, but one uncomfortable truth for me that came out of it was that for society to work well, it requires the individual to stand up and be counted; to put themselves out there and make a noise.

That’s one reason why I started the daily blogging thing. For too many years, I’ve hidden my light under a bushel, afraid to speak out and too ready to run away from conflict. One colleague even accused me of ‘shy Toryism’, which would be fine if I could identify with the Tories, something I find particularly hard to do these days, even if there’s a reasonable Libertarian contingent in the party.

Time and again throughout my life I’ve let other people take credit for work I’ve done, or not spoken out when I thought things could be done differently.

One thing I have definitely noticed is that since I’ve started blogging daily, I’ve discovered a new-found confidence that I’ve never really known before. And I must say, I quite like it. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and publically stating what I believe in, has been somewhat transformative.

So here’s my simple tip for the day. Even if you can’t be bothered to start blogging daily, try to find ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone, it’ll help you and, hopefully, help society as well.


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