Stepping Out

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While I’m on the Paul McKenna buzz, I must just quickly share one technique of his that has saved my sanity on more than one occasion, and kept depression from my door for a good ten years now.

Much in the same way as I mentioned yesterday about visualising who or how you’d like to be and stepping into that vision of yourself, so stepping out of repeated bad memories that have plagued me also works like a charm.

In the past I have become fixated on negative emotions and memories, quite often playing the same sequence in my head over and over again, making myself feel utterly lousy. So, by consciously playing that memory, but then mentally stepping back from the image, so you are no longer immediately in the frame, and then draining the colour from the mental image, drains its emotional hold over you.

You can then go one step further by putting a frame around the image and then imaging that frame disappearing off, or being blown up or shrinking to nothing.

Then you are left with just you in the present moment, and the emotional hold that mental projection has over you is massively weakened. Of course, the bad images come back, but each time, go through the process and each time they come back weaker, and eventually not at all.


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