Late again

Mind The Gap London Underground

Several times in the past fortnight, my daily commute to London has been disrupted by signalling issues. It turns out that signalling is part of Network Rail’s jurisprudence, and it came of something of a surprise to me to find out today reading Martin Vender Weyer’s article in this week’s Spectator that Network Rail is in fact completely nationalised. It’s one shareholder a certain Mr Grayling.

The article lists several major cock-ups in recent years that fall to the calamitous Network Rail, not least the new, severely delayed, Crossrail project.

So for all of you left-leaning thinkers under the impression that nationalised businesses are the bees knees, I urge you to think again. Even if they are only as half as bad as Network Rail, the country will surely fall to pieces in very short order.