A few years ago I read ‘Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom’ by Cory Doctorow, and I was very taken at the time with concept of Whuffie, a form of social economy that appears the book.

It got my brain whirring, how would that work in reality? So I knocked up a little proof of concept website, which I then didn’t really push as much as I should have to test the concept. I think my lack of enthusiasm for the project was due to the fact that it felt incomplete, but I couldn’t quite figure out why.

Since then, I’ve made several other websites, but my mind has always returned sooner or later to Whuff, and it’s lack of completeness. Then on the train home from work last week, I finally figured out the missing piece, the idea of interest (as in capital, rather than attention), and ‘rewarding’ people for using the site.

I’ve spent the past few evenings digging out the code (which I’d archived off) and prettying it up with a bit of mobile jQuery. The results can be seen at https://whuff.org. But I can’t test out my new theory until I get a few more people on the site, so if you have a few minutes to spare, please head over and create a profile and spend a few whuffies on people. There are a few demo accounts on there you can use if you don’t want to invite people at this stage.

It’s very much Minimum Viable Product at the moment, but until a few people use it, there’s no way to best figure out how to take it forward. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!


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